Embracing the Butterflies

It’s amazing what you can do when you embrace the things that make you, you. I recently read a blog on the importance of feeling nervous and it may have changed my life. Everyone knows that feeling – the butterflies in your stomach that won’t go away… It can happen just before you’re about to go into an important meeting, an interview, give a speech or answering a phone call from that special someone. I always felt like it was bad feeling, one that should be pushed down and ignored. Turns out it’s the opposite. That feeling of nervousness, excitement, the unknown, is a sign that you’re doing something that really matters. More often than not, you’ll find yourself on a personal high when you get through it. When I look back through some of the most nerve-wracking events of my life, they were also the most satisfying and life altering. The moment when I decided to turn around and kiss the man I just met, knowing he was a backpacker from overseas and I’d never see him again. (We’ve now been married for almost 10 years.) The moment I presented my architectural design for a new community centre – I am deathly afraid of public speaking (I won the competition) The moment I found out I was pregnant. (I have a beautiful 4 year old son) The job interviews, the day my husband quit his job so we could start a business together and build the future we really want… I could go on.

I had an important meeting the other day that I almost missed because of my nerves. I had butterflies in my stomach, the nervous sweats and my hands were shaking… The outcome of the meeting is almost irrelevant. But one thing I did learn, is that when you conquer your fears, your nerves, wonderful things happen. You start believing in yourself. You realize that if you could do that, you could do just about anything. That is one of the most powerful things anyone can learn.

Embrace the butterflies!


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